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Panasonic Servo MINAS A5 series servos provide high performance and function for systems where precision, smart control, safety, and easy configuration are needed. star Automations will meet all of your needs for the repair of your Servo Motor Repair, and servo Drive Repair. We have completed testing Stands to test all servo motor and servo drives after rebuild. Star Automations offers the fastest turnaround times available for servo motor Repair We have dedicatedServo Motor Repair facility. We have expertise to repair all types and makes of servo motors including DC and AC servo motors, spindle and stepper motors.

Key  Features

20 bits/revolution, 1.04 million pulses 
Ensures smoother operation and reduced vibration while maintaining position as well as accurate positioning within a short setting time. 

Low cogging torque 
We have achieved the industry's lowest cogging* by utilizing a new 10-pole rotor design and a magnetic field parsing technique. Positioning and stability are greatly improved with the result of minimal torque variation. This results in improved speed stability and positioning 

Highly Functional Real-time Auto-Gain Tuning 
Incorporates the industry's quickest high-performance real-time auto-gain tuning featuring simple setup. After installation, tuning will be completed automatically after few operations. 

Manual/Auto Notch and Damping Filters 
These filters will automatically detect vibration and provide simple auto-setting. These filters greatly reduce noise and vibration. 

2.0 kHz frequency response 

Achieves the industry’s fastest frequency response of 2.0 kHz*. This allows a highly advanced system to be created that achieves the industry’s fastest speed and positioning response. 

IP67 enclosure rating for increased environmental resistance. 
Our improved motor seals and direct-mount connectors in the motor power supply and encoder input-output areas contribute to this unit's IP67 enclosure rating



    1. Bonder 
    2. Semi-conductor production equipment 
    3. Packing machines 
    4. SMT machines 
    5. Food Machines 
    6. LCD production equipment 
    7. Conveyors 
    8. Robots 
    9. Machine Tool 
    10. Conveyors 
    11. Robots 
    12. Textile machines 
    13. Conveyors 
Panaterm Version 5
Easy configuration of Minas A5 Driver 
New monitoring tools: Auto tuning, Frequency response, Service Life prediction, Encoder Temperature Monitor, load factor, voltage and driver temperature, and many more. 
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