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New Born! Advanced PLC! Timer, Counter, Hour meter, Temperature Controller and PLC in a Unit

CE UL RoHS compatible


1.5-character, 2-line, 3-color Display

Simple characters and numerical values can be displayed.
Simple error messages as well as operation instructions and timer/counter set values can be displayed.

2.Front Operation Switch

Timer/Counter/Temperature set values can be changed using front operation switches.
The switches can also be used as input switches (X30 to X3F), which save the need for installing external switches.

3.Compact and Space-saving

Panel mountable, little space is taken up on the control panel. The size is only 48 ´48 ´ 70 mm (behind faceplate).

4.Equivalent to FP0-C14 Intelligence of Small PLCs

The FP-e has same functionality as FP0 such as pulse output and high-speed counter functions.
Other than a tool port, a unit is equipped with COM. port (RS232C/RS485) for communication.

5.Panel Mounted Type

The front panel of the FP-e is water-proof IP66.

Equipped with RS485 and RS232C interfaces

Up to 99 computer link stations are possible with RS485. (RS485 type
Up to 32 computer link stations are possible using a CNET adaptor and up to 99 are possible using a commercially available adaptor. This makes it possible to monitor operation status or perform control.

With RS232C, communication with up to two ports is possible. (RS232C type).

Can even handle temperature control

Two-point K-type thermocouple (-30 to 300°C) connection is possible. (equipped with thermocouple input)
Can be used in place of a temperature controller or used to control them.


PID instruction function
High-performance temperature control can be achieved with PID instruction.

Equipped with high-speed counter for support of 2-axis independent positioning

Pulse output function
The unit comes equipped with 2 channels for pulse output of up to 10 kHz pulses. Since these two channels can be separately controlled, the FP-e is also suitable for 2-axis independent positioning.

High-speed counter function
In single phase, the 4-channel total is 10 kHz, and in 2-phase the 2-channel total is 2 kHz total speed, making the suitable for inverter control, and so forth. (One half for the type with thermocouple input.)

Same tools used as FP Series

Control FPWIN GR
Ladder programming software is thesame as that used for the FP series.

An FP-e screen display program is generated by simply inputting values in the wizard screen.

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