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VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202

  • Defining new standards for the Water/Wastewater/Irrigation market



    The new generation VLT® AQUA Drive saves more than just energy costs. From speedy installation to lifetime reliability, the overall cost benefits just keep stacking up.

    Using our years of experience, we’ve fine-tuned every aspect of the new VLT® AQUA Drive to give your plant the world’s most cost efficient drive.


  • Overview

    Our unequalled global experience in the water industry makes the VLT AQUA Drive the perfect match for pumps and blowers in water, wastewater, and irrigation systems. With a wide range of powerful standard and optional features designed specifically for water and wastewater applications, the VLT® AQUA Drive provides the lowest overall cost of ownership of any drive available.

    Complete Range of Drives
    From 1/2 to 1350 
    Chassis, UL/NEMA TYPE 1, 12/IP54/55, 3R, 4X/IP66

  • Energy savings. Get 25% cost savings.


    Our tight focus on energy efficiency at every stage of development means that you get a drive that delivers cost savings of up to 25% in its first year compared to investment, when compared to traditional VSD solutions.

  • Installation savings and user friendliness. Save up to 20%.


    Based on our lengthy experience with the first ever dedicated water and wastewater drive on the market, the new generation VLT AQUA Drive offers very efficient installation and commissioning solutions which, compared to traditional VSDs, offer cost saving of between 10-20%.

  • The perfect match for all your water applications



    The VLT® AQUA Drive is the perfect match for water and wastewater applications. For all operation conditions, from commissioning to stopping specially designed software features help protect your assets in many ways such as by avoiding water hammer, reducing maintenance on pumps and blowers and by saving additional energy compared with traditional VSD controls.

    The VLT® AQUA Drive gives your rotating equipment the best possible lifetime, with the lowest energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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