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SYSMAC CJ Programmable Controller
The CJ1M provides solution for applications with lower I/O counts and shorter programs compared to the more 
powerful CJ1G/H CPUs. All CJ1 Series use the same instruction set and I/O modules, so existing programs and equipment can be easily reused in small and large-scale installations. A common memory area and powerful serial link among nine CJ1M CPUs can help integrate processes or coordinate activities. 
Key Features and Benefits: 
Same instruction set as the more powerful CJ1G/H 
All CJ1 I/O are completely compatible with CJ1M CPUs Smallest CJ1 in physical size; CPU12 and CPU13 are just 1 1/4" wide Up to 64 MB flash memory available for many timesaving programming uses Serial PLC Link allows simple communication among 9 CJ1 PLCs (1 master, 8 slaves) A pulse I/O instruction takes advantage of positioning capabilities in the CPU22 and the CPU23 
Built-in peripheral and RS-232 ports Versatile combinations for specific tasks: Process controller with up to 16 process / temperature loops or analog I/O with serial output 
Positioning controller with flexibility to provide discrete and analog outputs based on quadrature or other pulsed inputs. Use CX-Programmer software to program and monitor all of Omron's PLCs 
  Compact Models Built-in EtherNet/IP With Built-in I/O Standard Models Loop-control CPU Units Advanced Models High-speed Models
Basic instructions LD 100ns/OUT 350ns LD 100ns/OUT 350ns LD 100ns/OUT 350ns LD 40ns/OUT 40ns LD 40ns/OUT 40ns LD 20ns/OUT 20ns LD 16ns/OUT 16ns
Program capacity 20 to 5 Ksteps 20 to 5 Ksteps 20 to 5 Ksteps 60 to 10 Ksteps 60 to 10 Ksteps 250 to 60 Ksteps 250 to 30 Ksteps
Data memory capacity 32 Kwords 32 Kwords 32 Kwords 128 to 64 Kwords 128 to 64 Kwords 448 to 128 Kwords 448 to 64 Kwords
Number of I/O points 640 to 160 640 to 160 640 to 160 1,280 to 960 1,280 to 960 2,560 2,560
Built-in I/O None None 16 None None None None
Built-in EtherNet/IP None YES None None None None None

The accumulated experience andadvancements in technology now result in CJ2M; fully compatible, yet fully new. 

Five variations in program capacity from 5K steps to 60K steps; scale the CPU to your application needs. 
Faster processors; LD instruction execution time is reduced to 40 ns, floating point trigonometrics in less than 1 μs. 
Faster Function Block calls and execution, faster interrupt handling, less overhead time. 
Added execution memory for Function Blocks allows structured, object-oriented programming even in entry-level CPUs 
General-purpose Ethernet port supports EtherNet/IP tag-based data links, connection to Support Software, communications between PLCs, 
FTP data transfers, and more (CJ2M-CPU3@). 
Standard USB port on all models allows Support Software to connect directly through standard USB cable. 
A Serial Option Module can be mounted to add RS-232C or RS-422A/485 communications ports (CJ2M-CPU3@). 
Compatible with all existing CJ1 power supply-, I/O-, control- and communication units


TYPE Loop-control CPU Units Built-in EtherNet/IP
Basic instructions LD 40ns/OUT 60ns
Program capacity 5 Ksteps 10 Ksteps 20 Ksteps 30 Ksteps 60 Ksteps 5 Ksteps 10 Ksteps 20 Ksteps 30 Ksteps 60 Ksteps
Data memory capacity 64 Kwords 160 Kwords 64 Kwords 160 Kwords
Number of I/O points 2,560 points/40 Units (3 Expansion Racks max.) 2,560 points/40 Units (3 Expansion Racks max.)
Built-in I/O None
I/O Units 
A wide variety of products, such as high-density mountable connectors and removable 
terminal blocks, is available to meet your requirements.
CJ1W-ID201 8 24 VDC, 10mA 0.09
CJ1W-ID211 16 24 VDC, 7mA 0.09
CJ1W-ID231 32 24 VDC, 4.1mA 0.09
CJ1W-ID232 32 24 VDC, 4.1mA 0.09
CJ1W-ID261 64 24 VDC, 4.1mA 0.09
CJ1W-ID201 64 24 VDC, 4.1mA 0.09
CJ1W-IA201 8 200 - 240 VAC 10mA 0.09
CJ1W-IA111 16 100 - 120 VAC 7mA 0.09
CJ1W-OC201 8 250 VAC/24 VDC ,2A 0.09
CJ1W-OC211 16 251 VAC/24 VDC ,2A 0.11
CJ1W-OC201 8 12 - 24 VDC, 2mA SINKING 0.09
CJ1W-OC202 8 24 VDC ,2A ,SOURCING 0.11
C1W-OC203 8 12 - 24 VDC, 0.5mA SINKING 0.10
C1W-OC204 8 24 VDC ,2A ,SOURCING 0.10
C1W-OC211 16 12 - 24 VDC, 0.5mA SINKING 0.10
C1W-OC212 16 24 VDC ,0.5A  0.10
C1W-OC231 32 12 - 24 VDC, 0.5mA SINKING 0.14
C1W-OC232 32 24 VDC ,2A ,SOURCING 0.15
C1W-OC233 32 12 - 24 VDC, 0.5mA SINKING 0.17
C1W-OC261 64 13 - 24 VDC, 0.3mA SINKING 0.14
C1W-OC262 64 24 VDC ,2A ,SOURCING 0.17
C1W-OC263 64 12 - 24 VDC, 0.3mA SINKING 0.17
CJ1W-AD081V1 8   1-5 V, 0-5V,0-10V,-10-10V,4-20mA 0.42
CJ1W-AD041V1 4   0.42
CJ1W-DA08V   8 0.14
CJ1W-DA08C   8 4-20mA 0.14
CJ1W-DA041   4 1-5 V, 0-5V,0-10V,-10-10V,4-20mA 0.12
CJ1W-DA021   2 0.12
CJ1W-MAD42 4 2 0.58
Special Applications Units
CJ1W-CT021 High-Speed Counter Module,Input frequencies to 500 kHz.,32-bit counting range.
High-Speed, High-Precision Positioning
with 1, 2, or 4 Axes
CJ1W-V600C1* ID Sensor Modules
CJ1W-TC** Temperature Control Modules,  One Module Functions as
Four Temperature Controllers
Communications Units
Units are available for general-purpose Ethernet, as well as for data links between 
PLCs, and the DeviceNet and CompoNet open networks.
DESCRIPTION 2 RS-232C ports 2 RS-422A/485 ports EtherNet/IP Unit  Tag data link
message service
Ethernet Unit FINS communications service (TCP/
IP, UDP/IP), FTP server functions,
socket services, mail transmission
service, mail reception (remote
command receive), automatic
adjustment of PLC’s built-in clock,
server/host name specifications
    FL-net Unit      With FL-net Ver. 2.0
specifications (OPCN-2)
Data links and message
DeviceNet Unit Remote I/O communications
master (fixed or user-set
CompoNet Master Unit      Word Slaves: 2,048 max.
(1.024 inputs and 1,024 outputs)
Bit Slaves: 512 max. (256 inputs and
256 outputs)
CompoBus/S Master Unit 256 max.
(128 inputs and 128
ID Sensor Units V680 Series RFID
CJ1M-CPU11 CPU 5K Step; 160 I/O
CJ1M-CPU12 CPU 10K Step; 320 I/O
CJ1M-CPU13 CPU 20K Step; 640 I/O
CJ1M-CPU11-ETN CPU 5K Step; 160 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ1M-CPU12-ETN CPU 10K Step; 320 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ1M-CPU13-ETN CPU 20K Step; 640 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ1M-CPU21 CPU  5K Step; 160 I/O  Buil-in 16DI
CJ1M-CPU22 CPU 10K Step; 320 I/O Buil-in 16DI
CJ1M-CPU23 CPU 20K Step; 640 I/O Buil-in 16DI
CJ1G-CPU42 CPU 10K Step; 960 I/O
CJ1G-CPU43 CPU 20K Step; 1040 I/O
CJ1G-CPU44 CPU 30K Step; 1280 I/O
CJ1G-CPU45 CPU 60K Step; 1280 I/O
CJ1G-CPU45-GTC CPU 60K Step; 1280 I/O Loop control 50 - 300 block
CJ1H-CPU64 CPU 30K Step; 1280 I/O
CJ1H-CPU65 CPU 60K Step; 1280 I/O
CJ1H-CPU66 CPU 120K Step; 1280 I/O
CJ1H-CPU67 CPU 240K Step; 1280 I/O
CJ2M-CPU11 CPU 5K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ2M-CPU12 CPU 10K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ2M-CPU13 CPU 20K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ2M-CPU14 CPU 30K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ2M-CPU15 CPU 60K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ2M-CPU31 CPU 5K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ2M-CPU32 CPU 10K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ2M-CPU33 CPU 20K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ2M-CPU34 CPU 30K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
CJ2M-CPU35 CPU 60K Step; 2,560 I/O Buil-in EtherNet/IP
Digital input/output Unit
CJ1W-ID201 Expantion 8DI 24 V DC
CJ1W-ID211 Expantion 16DI 24 V DC,FUJITSU
CJ1W-ID212 Expantion 16DI HIGH SPEED,MIL
CJ1W-ID231 Expantion 32DI 24 V DC,FUJITSU
CJ1W-ID232 Expantion 32DI 24 V DC, MIL
CJ1W-ID233 Expantion 32DI HIGH SPEED
CJ1W-ID261 Expantion 64DI 24 V DC,FUJITSU
CJ1W-ID262 Expantion 64DI 24 V DC, MIL
CJ1W-IA201 Expantion 8DI,250 VAC
CJ1W-IA111 Expantion 16DI,250 VAC
CJ1W-OC201 Expantion 8DO Relay 
CJ1W-OC211 Expantion 16DO Relay
CJ1W-OA20 Expantion 8DO ,250 VAC
CJ1W-OD201 Expantion 8DO ,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-OD203 Expantion 8DO ,transistor (sourcng) outputs
CJ1W-OD211 Expantion 16DO ,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-OD211 Expantion 16DO ,transistor (sourcng) outputs
CJ1W-OD231 Expantion 32DO ,Relay 
CJ1W-OD233 Expantion 32DO ,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-OD234 Expantion 32DO ,transistor (sourcng) outputs
CJ1W-OD261 Expantion 64DO ,Relay 
CJ1W-OD233 Expantion 64DO ,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-OD234 Expantion 64DO ,transistor (sourcng) outputs
CJ1W-OD202 Expantion 8DO ,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-OD204 Expantion 8DO ,transistor (sourcng) outputs
CJ1W-OD212 Expantion 16DO ,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-OD232 Expantion 32DO ,transistor (sourcng) outputs
CJ1W-MD231 Expantion 16DI/16DO,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-MD233 Expantion 16DI/16DO,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-MD261 Expantion 32DI/32DO,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-MD263 Expantion 33DI/32DO,transistor (sinking) outputs
CJ1W-MD232 Expantion 16DI/16DO,transistor (sourcng) outputs
CJ1W-MD563 Expantion 32DO/32DO TTL I/O
CJ1W-INT01 Interrupt Input Units
CJ1W-IDP01 Quick-response Input Units
Interface Units
CJ1W-B7A14 Expantion 64 DI
CJ1W-B7A04 Expantion 64 DO
CJ1W-B7A22 Expantion 32 DI/DO
Analog Input/Output Unit
CJ1W-AD042 Expansions 4AI ( 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA)
CJ1W-AD081-V1 Expansions 8AI ( 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA)
CJ1W-AD041-V1 Expansions 4AO ( 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA)
CJ1W-DA042V Expansions 4AO,(0-10V)
CJ1W-DA08V Expansions 8AO,(0-10V)
CJ1W-DA08C Expansions 8AO,(4-20 MA)
CJ1W-DA041 Expansions 2AO,(0-10V,4-20MA)
CJ1W-DA021 Expansions 4AO,(0-10V,4-20MA)
CJ1W-MAD42 Expansions 4AI/2AO,(0-10V,4-20MA)
Pulse I/O Modules
CJ2M-MD211 10 inputs 6 outputs
CJ2M-MD212 10 inputs 6 outputs
Isolated-type Units
CJ1W-PH41U Expansions 4AI
CJ1W-AD04U Expansions 4AI
Thermocouple Input Units
CJ1W-PTS15 Expansions 2AI
CJ1W-PTS51 Expansions 2AI
Resistance Thermometer Input Units
CJ1W-PTS16 Expansions 2AI
CJ1W-PTS52 Expansions 4AI
Isolated-type DC Input Units
CJ1W-PDC15 Expansions 2AI
Temperature Control Units
CJ1W-TC001 Expansions 4 loops
CJ1W-TC002 Expansions 4 loops
CJ1W-TC003 Expansions 2 loops
CJ1W-TC004 Expansions 2 loops
CJ1W-TC101 Expansions 4 loops
CJ1W-TC102 Expansions 4 loops
CJ1W-TC103 Expansions 2 loops,
CJ1W-TC104 Expansions 2 loops
CJ1W-CT021 High-speed Counter Unit
Position Control Units
CJ1W-NC113 open collector output 1 axis
CJ1W-NC213 open collector output 2 axes
CJ1W-NC413 open collector output 4 axes
CJ1W-NC133 line driver output 1 axis
CJ1W-NC233 line driver output 2 axes
CJ1W-NC433 line driver output 4 axes
Position Control Unit with EtherCAT interface
CJ1W-NC281 open collector output 2 axes
CJ1W-NC481 open collector output 4 axes
CJ1W-NC881 open collector output 8 axes
CJ1W-NCF81 open collector output 16 axes
CJ1W-NC482 line driver output 4 axes
CJ1W-NC882 line driver output 8 axes
Serial Communications
CJ1W-EIP21 EtherNet/IP Unit
CJ1W-ETN21 Ethernet Unit
CJ1W-CLK23 Controller Link Units
CJ1W-FLN22 FL-net Unit
CJ1W-DRM21 DeviceNet Unit
CJ1W-CRM21 CompoNet Master Unit
CJ1W-SRM21 CompoBus/S Master Unit
ID Sensor Units
CJ1W-V680C11 V680 Series RFID
CJ1W-V680C12 V680 Series RFID
CJ1W-V600C11 V600 Series RFID
CJ1W-V600C12 V600 Series RFID
CJ1W-SPU01-V2 SYSMAC SPU (High-speed Data Storage Unit)
Power Supply Units
CJ1W-PA205C AC Power Supply 5 A
CJ1W-PA205R AC Power Supply 2 A
CJ1W-PD025 DC Power Supply 5 A
CJ1W-PD022 DC Power Supply 2 A
CJ1W-IC101 Control Unit
CJ1W-II101 I/O Interface
Optional Products
CP1W-CIF01 RS-232C
CP1W-CIF11 RS-422A/485
CP1W-CIF12 RS-422A/485
HMC-EF183 Flash memory, 128 MB
HMC-EF283 Flash memory, 256 MB
HMC-EF583 Flash memory, 512 MB
HMC-AP001 Memory Card Adapter
CJ1W-BAT01 Battery Set
CJ1W-TER01 End Cover
CJ1W-CIF11 RS-422A Converter
Connecting to Pulse I/O Modules
XG4M-4030-T MIL Flat Cable
XW2D-40G6 Slim type
XW2B-40G4 Through type
XW2B-40G5 Through type
XW2Z-100K Cable for Connector-Terminal Block
XW2Z-150K Cable for Connector-Terminal Block
XW2Z-200K Cable for Connector-Terminal Block
XW2Z-300K Cable for Connector-Terminal Block
XW2Z-500K Cable for Connector-Terminal Block
Servo Relay Units
XW2B-20J6-8A 1 axis
XW2B-40J6-9A 2 axes
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